An Orthology provider works on a patient’s hip with the patient in a supine position as they discuss the treatment plan.

The Orthology way


We make movement feel good again.

  1. An Orthology provider is holding an iPad and in discussion with a patient who is on a treadmill. 0 1

    We find the real problem

    Where you feel pain isn’t always the cause of the pain. We find what is.
  2. We work out the pain

    Hands on treatment that facilitates natural mobility - offering relief immediately.
    0 2 An Orthology provider is using a manual therapy technique on a patient’s calf as the patient is laying on a treatment bed.
  3. A patient is sitting on an exercise bike smiling at an Orthology provider who holds an iPad in hand. The iPad screen appears to show part of an anatomical human body. 0 3

    Learn the right moves to do at home

    Practice makes pain relief. Leave every visit knowing exactly what you need to do.
  4. We'll keep you moving

    Our plans don’t just fix injuries, we help you make lasting changes.
    Regular Check-Ins
    0 4 A man is bending forward pushing a young boy who is kneeling on a skateboard.
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