Orthology Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, and Chiropractic specialists are experts in the musculoskeletal field, intensively trained in a world-class, evidence-based approach. They are passionate about their profession, up-to-date on the latest clinical procedures and research—and deeply committed to providing great care that gets you back to doing what you love.

Together, their focus is to get you better, faster. Professional care delivered with personal empathy, keeping their patients first in all that they do. In fact, 97% of patients surveyed say they would recommend them to a friend.

Physical Therapy

Orthology Physical Therapists utilize a research-based approach to help you recover from injury, restore performance, and realize your potential. Treatment begins at your first appointment. After taking a detailed health history and learning about your treatment goals, your specialist will diagnose the root cause of your pain or injury, devise a customized care plan, and take the first steps in helping you move toward lasting recovery and relief.

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Sports Medicine

Orthology Sports Medicine specialists understand that when you’re injured in a sport, the injury becomes your new opponent.  Their breakthrough approach was developed and proven over 10 years on 500+ pro athletes, from NFL all-stars to Olympic Gold athletes. They not only get these injured athletes back into the game, but they come back at the top of their game. Imagine what can be done for you!

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Chiropractic Care

Orthology Chiropractors treat the complex root causes of your pain in a non-invasive, non-surgical manner. They utilize the most advanced clinical techniques to rehabilitate injured joints and restore muscles to normal, pain-free function. This unique approach to care has helped thousands of patients—including the world’s most accomplished athletes—not only recover from back, spine, and neck pain, but also restore and improve physical performance.

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Industrial Rehabilitation

Orthology clinics provide employers with all-inclusive, state-of-the-art industrial rehabilitation services. From pre- to post-injury, we offer employers and insurers everything they need to fully serve workers’ compensation cases—and help prevent workplace injuries.

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Some of these specific services are only available in select locations and may vary between each provider. Orthology is not involved in the provision of the services offered by our affiliated providers.
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