Editorial Policy

Orthology Editorial Policy

As a performance-driven specialist in physical therapy, sports medicine, and chiropractic care, it is our goal to help you live the healthiest life possible and make informed decisions about your health. We do this by helping you find the care you need and by providing educational information written by experts in fields of musculoskeletal field and general wellness.

With each piece of valuable content, we publish on your site, our mission is to provide you with accurate, objective, and reliable sources of health information that is relevant to your concerns and address your needs. In the sections that follow, we will describe our editorial policy and procedures for content creation and review.

Although this information is designed to help you make positive health decisions and gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your body, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We encourage you to consult

Our Commitment to Editorial Integrity

The Orthology editorial team creates health content based upon a stringent editorial policy that values integrity with each and every word published. We aim to provide you with the most relevant content possible, with an emphasis on up-to-date and timely news that you need to know. To achieve this relevance, we provide expert commentary on managing health conditions and injuries as it relates to breaking news, health news, recalls, and alerts.

Orthology maintains affiliations with prestigious medical journals to relate scientific studies and findings to you in an understandable and timely way. Our commitment to editorial integrity also extends to covering health trends that matter to you based on seasonal concerns, prevention strategies, and healthy lifestyle goals. With these values in mind, we design Orthology’s original content to help you be better informed and more mindful about your health.

About the Original Content Created by Orthology

When compared to other sources of online health news, Orthology emerges as a credible, accessible, and authoritative source of information that you can trust. Our experienced and passionate editors feature stories based on what’s relevant, clinically significant, and trending. We also generate topics in response to the interests and concerns of our readers and staff. To best address, these topics, Orthology’s editorial team conducts interviews with medical researchers, industry experts, and other objective sources so that you can benefit from their expertise and insights.

To maintain editorial integrity, Orthology distinguishes true news, references, features, and other types of editorial writing so that readers can separate original content from advertising material. Orthology has sole control of its editorial content to uphold the value of editorial independence. Furthermore, we place a high value on journalistic excellence and publish only original content that is useful, helpful, and corroborated by expert sources.

This is what sets Orthology’s editorial content apart from other health-focused websites, and we trust that you will see and appreciate the difference as you browse our site in pursuit of improved health and wellbeing.

Our Policy for Editorial Staff

About physical therapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation care, Orthology is a leading source of health information for patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. To provide honest and objective material for our audience, we require our editorial staff to create content that is in no way influenced by advertisers or special interest groups.

Orthology’s editorial staff is required to disclose any existing or potential conflicts of interest to maintain the objective editorial values that define our team. Furthermore, no member of the Orthology editorial staff may serve on the advertising staff, and advertising staff members may not provide editorial content.

Our entire editorial staff is committed to the responsibility to be accurate, balanced, and objective in adherence to the standards outlined in this editorial policy. To accomplish this, journalists and editors who provide content for Orthology seek out qualified experts and spokespeople for commentary that brings balance and truth to the issues you want to learn more about.

How Orthology’s Content is Created

Orthology utilizes a multi-step process to create its content, from the very first moment an idea is presented to publishing the final piece on our website. Once approval is gained to create new content or update an existing piece of content, a health writer and editor are assigned to the piece. Orthology writers work closely with our editors to ensure that the content meets all journalistic standards.

Assigned editors provide feedback for revisions, requesting input from other staff medical editors as well when necessary. Our editorial team is skilled in and committed to proper style, grammar, and readability to deliver accessible information directly to our audience. Ultimately, all Orthology articles are reviewed by physicians prior to publishing to ensure accuracy and credibility.

In the event that Orthology engages with a third party for paid or sponsored content, the third party may help to inform the topic, but it does not control the content of the article. We indicate this type of content on our website by providing attribution to the third party and to inform our readers that the content is supported by a third party. However, such attributions do not affect the editorial process of our content or diminish its value in any way.

Sponsored content published on our website upholds the same high journalistic standards as any other content on our site and undergoes the same process of physician review prior to publishing.

The Role of Third-Party Editors

Orthology may, at times, publish relevant and valuable third-party health content on our site that is of interest to our readers. Any third-party content published on Orthology is thoroughly reviewed by our team of journalistic editors and physician editors in accordance with this editorial policy.

Third-Party Review Process

Orthology is proud and honored to participate in educational collaborations to further our goals of providing personalized care and helping people get back to the activities they love. To this end, we may partner with nonprofit and government organizations to best inform the public about health topics. Content produced as part of these collaborations are subject to a special review process that involves Orthology creating the content, the third party reviewing and editing the content, and Orthology’s editorial staff conducting a final edit and approval. For pieces of content that were part of a collaborative effort, we identify these pieces with descriptive text to distinguish them from other pieces.

Orthology’s Advertising Policy

Orthology accepts advertising from companies and organizations to support our mission and to share relevant products and services that may be of interest to our audience. Funding from our advertisers helps us address more conditions and work with a wider range of experts to deliver high-quality content. However, we do not allow advertisers to influence the content we create for Orthology.

Advertising may include but is not limited to, third-party banners, links, brand pages, sponsored content, and social media posts. For sponsored text that occurs within a piece of content, we use clear language to distinguish this advertising material. Advertisers maintain responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of their ads, which are subject to Orthology’s advertising policy. However, the Orthology editorial team does not edit or alter advertising submitted by advertisers, so this content is not subject to our editorial policy.

Orthology’s Corrections Policy

It is our goal to provide the most accurate information possible, and accordingly, we will make every effort to correct errors or make clarifications when necessary. Please contact us if you believe there is an error in a piece of our content so that we may take the proper action.