Physical Therapy

Tyron Medallo, PT

Tyron Medallo is a Physical Therapist in New York, New York. He graduated in 1999. Aside from having more than 20 years of diverse experiences and certifications, Ty is also an avid scuba diver, freediver, and guitar player.

Sarah Sinson, PT

Born and raised in the Philippines, Sarah is inspired by being able to help her patients achieve their goals—and her record of positive patient outcomes speaks for itself. Above all, she is passionate about getting people back to doing what they love. Sarah provides “pure attention” to the people she treats, and truly believes that being a great physical therapist requires focused, empathetic concern to help each individual patient get better, faster. She also stays true to her pursuit of professional education, broadening her knowledge in order to treat a greater variety of patients and using research-based techniques and proven exercises to help patients get relief—both immediate and long-term.

Ryan Mckeough, PT

Ryan has been in helping roles for most of his life. Physical therapy was a natural progression for him that combined his love of helping others and his love of sport.

Clarice Sinson, PT

Clarice’s professional role is rooted in a compassionate understanding of her patient’s journey. She brings a genuine commitment to her work as a caregiver, and knows that empathy is a key component to treatment. Additional Certifications: Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

Emily Fatakhov, MD

Janaki Patel, DPT

Janaki is experienced in treating a variety of orthopedic, neurological and pelvic floor conditions. She is particularly passionate about women’s and pelvic floor health. Prior to discovering physical therapy, Janaki conducted research in a Neuroscience and Aging lab. Her experience as a research assistant has led to taking an evidence-based approach to treating patients’ conditions and helping them reach their goals. As a former dancer, Janaki has an understanding and love for the art of body movement. She believes that it is essential to optimize patients’ movement strategies to help rehab current injuries and prevent future ones. *A prescription for physical therapy is required to see this practitioner*