Maple Grove

Physical Therapy

Mark Hermes, DPT

Mark grew up as a three-sport athlete and after watching his fellow teammates go through injuries and post surgical rehab, Mark went into the field of physical therapy. Today Mark is proud to help make recovery possible for his patients. He specializes in overhead athletes and shoulder injuries.

Marnie Kasinskas, PTA

Marnie is a provider who finds rewards in all of her work. She excels at listening to patients and providing care in a patient directed manner both physically and mentally. Marnie is especially interested in working with chronic pain, hip, low back, and neck injuries.

Andrea Price, PT,DPT

Andrea is certified in dry needling and spinal manipulation. Her goals are to help people get back to their daily lives and activities. She specializes, and takes great interest, in lower back pain, functional movement, and swimmers.

Rebecca Jorgenson, DPT

Becca’s inspiration to become a physical therapist came from witnessing a patient progress through rehab after suffering a stroke. This encouraged Becca to start a career helping others, and in the process she has found it rewarding to specialize in prenatal and postpartum rehab. She also specializes in volleyball athletes.


Justin Thielke DC

Justin knew he wanted to be a chiropractor after he suffered an injury playing baseball. He was impressed with how quickly he recovered at the hands of his chiropractor and strives to provide that kind of relief for his patients today.