Eden Prairie

Physical Therapy

Melissa (Wong) Hennes, DPT

Melissa always knew she wanted to have a career in healthcare so that she could help others and became even more inspired when a physical therapist and chiropractor collaborated to help her heal from her own injuries. Today, Melissa works closely with dancers and endurance athletes, specializing in lower extremity injuries.

Kristen Wagner, PTA

Kristen was a tri-athlete growing up, and was first introduced to physical therapy after a sports injury. She soon realized that she would love working in the physical therapy field because it would allow her to help other athletes get back to what they love doing.

Haley Peterson, DPT

Haley’s drive to become a physical therapist grew from having participated in a variety of sports while growing up. She loves helping people achieve their goals and takes pride in improving optimal movement for her patients.

Eric Koch, PT

Eric’s love for sports is one of the reasons why he became interested in physical therapy. He enjoys working one-on-one with patients so he can deliver personalized care and help them return to the activities they love.


Kaitlin Battaglia, DC

Growing up Kaitlyn was involved in sports. This led her to choose a career that would help her fulfill others’ goals in staying active. Kaitlyn enjoys working with high school athletes and low back pain patients. She also has a special interest in treating headaches.