Zumba Your Way to Better Health
Exercises Aug 26, 2016
Zumba Your Way to Better Health

Working out often gets a bad rep as something we have to do, not want to do. Finding the motivation and passion for running on a treadmill or lifting weights can be difficult. But nowadays, there are many fitness options that are both fun and effective. Zumba is one great option because it offers a dance party atmosphere while getting you moving.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is an interval fitness workout that gets your heart pumping with Latin-inspired choreographed routines. Zumba participants are encouraged to “ditch the workout, join the party.” If you love to dance, regardless of your skill level, this could be the exercise routine for you.

Who Can Do Zumba?

Zumba offers a challenging workout that provides results without feeling like a chore, and you do not need prior dance ability or a certain amount of athleticism to try Zumba. There are several intensity levels available so that you get a satisfying workout suited to your needs.

What Matters Most

With Zumba classes, attempting the moves is the most important thing. If you want to adjust some steps to lower or heighten the intensity, you are welcome to. If you want to add your own flair to the routine or change it so that you can perform the basic components better, go right ahead.

This fitness class is intended to serve as a safe space where you can move around continuously for an hour. Even when pausing between songs, you can keep the movement going by marching in place or swinging your arms. All of this helps you get more out of your workout by keeping your heart rate up. You will ultimately get better at routines as you attend more classes, but proficiency does not matter as much as moving and staying in motion during sessions.

Potential Benefits

Participating in the fun, high-energy routines at Zumba classes allow you to burn fat and improve flexibility, coordination and endurance. Even mental and emotional gains are possible. Some songs include jumping and fast paced movements while others involve constant but less strenuous activity. Fast and slower songs are interspersed throughout the hour so that you switch paces multiple times. This is called interval training, which keeps the body from becoming complacent.

A Few Varieties

In addition to general Zumba fitness classes, there are multiple types of classes available. Here are few that you might want to try out:

Zumba Toning focuses on building muscles and improving definition in the arms, thighs and abs. This is great for strength training.

Zumba Gold has easy to follow moves and slower pacing which can help with conditioning, balance and coordination. It’s a great option for older individuals or people recovering from an injury.

Zumba Circuit is a short but effective workout for boosting metabolism and overall body strength. This is good for circuit training.

Zumba Aqua is low-impact workout that provides a satisfying cardio workout in the water!

Staying in shape and exercising is easier when you have a fitness regime that you enjoy. Dancing and having a blast at Zumba might be the right workout for you.