Working Out In Warmer Weather
Exercises Jun 4, 2018
Working Out In Warmer Weather

The warm days and long nights of summer are here. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors and in nature can decrease stress, improve focus, and increase happiness. Use the summer to tweak your active lifestyle, get outside, and enjoy new pursuits. Here are some great exercises that will help you fully enjoy summer and stay fit.


A great sport to get you on the water, paddleboarding is an enjoyable and unexpectedly challenging workout. Paddleboarding is a complete body workout from using your upper body to paddle to engaging your core and lower body for balance. This fun activity will undoubtedly give you the summer workout you seek!


With the warm temperatures, there is no need to attend an indoor spinning class. Instead, jump on a bicycle and do some outdoor cycling! Whether you are a serious or amateur cyclist, biking will help develop your cardiovascular system. Additionally, it builds leg and core muscles while avoiding major impacts on your joints. This is also a great group activity that you can enjoy with friends and family. Try adding a bike ride or two to your weekly routine, and enjoy a host of fantastic benefits.

Trail Running

While running is a year-round favorite for many, ditch the treadmill this summer. Running alone has proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and runners are prone to live longer. Additionally, trail running provides greater core, leg, and joint development due to the softer surface and need for greater stability. Take advantage of the warm weather to explore nature and enjoy a change of scenery!


Undoubtedly a preferred workout for hot summer days, swimming is a relaxing exercise with a number of benefits. First, it’s a great alternative to other types of aerobic exercise. For those suffering from injuries, muscle soreness, or want to give their body a break, it takes immense stress off of the joints while providing cardiovascular benefits. Furthermore, it’s a full body workout that will help develop all your muscles. Swimming offers the same benefits of brisk walking, though it is important to supplement with other bone-strengthening exercises. 


We’ve discussed the positive benefits of being outside; hiking is the best way to truly enjoy nature. In addition to exposing you to the beauty of nature, hiking also improves cardiovascular health. Many trails include elevation change and winding paths, which will work your leg and core muscles. Furthermore, hiking decreases stress. Whether you’re just traversing the local woods or climbing a mountain, hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy summer and get outside.