The goal of Orthology is to establish trust with every patient, and work with you to get back doing the things you love. Restoration of function is the key objective, delivered with professional care and personal empathy.

Many Orthology providers have suffered from injuries themselves, and they know all too well the daily trials of living with limited function.

Their Focus is on You

Helping patients to recover from injury and staying healthy is the mission of Orthology providers. They take a holistic approach, focusing on you and your goals, rather than just your symptoms.

On your first visit, an Orthology provider will get to know you. They will gather information about your ability to perform the activities that are important to you.

Your Plan of Care

Your Orthology provider will then use your information to assess and develop a treatment plan for your specific injury and recovery goals. They will review this plan of care with you in detail so you have a complete understanding of your personalized treatment and recovery goals, answering any questions along the way.

With your plan in place, you’ll spend the last portion of your appointment actually beginning your treatment. In fact, many patients experience improvement after their very first visit.

Your Orthology provider will set a timeline for your recovery and teach you a home exercise program and self-help strategies critical to your healing and recovery process.

Working Together as a Team

And remember: it takes a team. You’re part of your recovery plan. Your Orthology provider will ask you to put in the effort, both at their practice and in your own home, towards the exercises and movements necessary to restore your function faster and get you back to doing what you love.

By motivating and embracing a results­-driven attitude, they are able to accelerate your healing and empower you with the resources you need to prevent re­-injury or future injury.