What to Do If You Suffer From Headaches
Injury Care & Prevention Mar 13, 2019
What to Do If You Suffer From Headaches

Headaches can be annoying, painful and keep us from doing the things we love to do, as well as affect our mood for the worse. There are certain tips that I’ll give to you that may get rid of your headache and also stave off headaches in the future. Are you ready to live headache-free?!

Your headaches may be caused by tight muscles in your neck or shoulders. The muscles in this region can directly cause a headache. When you get soft tissue work done or stretch these muscles this can decrease or eliminate your headache. Contact your physical therapist so they can do a full assessment of where you are tight and give you a proper treatment plan to eliminate that. The PT may choose to work on those muscles for you or give you proper stretches to perform on your own.

The reason that these muscles get sore may be from improper posture during the day because of working on a computer or performing desk work. How our posture is during the day is something to watch for and by correcting it you can decrease the headache as well. Take multiple breaks from sitting throughout the day and change positions often. This will also reduce the risk of eye strain from looking at a computer, which can also cause a headache.

Staying hydrated can decrease the risk of headaches and/or completely eliminate them. If you are dehydrated then a headache may occur. It’s recommended to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water each day in order to stay fully hydrated. A helpful hint is to keep a water bottle with you during the day, and track your water intake to ensure you are getting enough.

The alignment of your neck and spine may contribute to headaches. If your vertebrae are not in the proper alignment then there may be pinching or pulling as well as a direct correlation with a headache. This is often difficult to know about as an individual, however a physical therapist will be able to palpate and assess this region to determine how your alignment is. They will also be able to provide proper techniques in order to improve your alignment and eliminate your headache.

There are many other factors that can be related to a headache such as: nutrition, blood-flow, sleep, stress and environmental factors. The items listed above are a great place to start with in order to change some of the variables we are able to. Go see your physical therapist today, as they can do a full assessment for you and treat your headache. It may be just a simple fix for your headache to be eliminated today.

In the meantime, keep your muscles loose and flexible, watch your posture, stay hydrated and keep a proper alignment as you are able to. We want to get you feeling 100% again with no headache to slow you down. Let’s get you back to doing the things you love to do!