Join A Virtual Running Club For Your Next Adventure
Exercises Sep 30, 2016
Join A Virtual Running Club For Your Next Adventure

Virtual running clubs are the newest running club trend that has taken off. Virtual running clubs exists online with members joining from all over the world. Members register online and run the race where ever they live instead of physically having to be at a set time and place. Medals are sent out to the runners on good faith that the participants completed the event.

Virtual running clubs are great because they allow participants to run the event on their own time and at their own pace where they feel comfortable and without pressure. Virtual races can range from 5ks all the way up to full marathons. If virtual running clubs are up your alley, below are a few you can participate in, where ever you are!

The Hogwarts Running Club

This is the club to be in for any Harry Potter fan. There are races every other month that varies in distance. All races feature a Harry Potter themed medal for everyone registered. Runners use the Charity Miles app to join their “house” and earn points.

Each race is dedicated to raising money for a certain charity. Using the Charity Miles app also allows runners to raise money for the charities on the app itself. Each house has its own shirt, Facebook page, and sometimes gift exchanges. There is no fee to join the Hogwarts running club but there are fees to register for the races which all goes to charity.

Geek’d Out Running Club

Not matter what your fandom is, the Geek’d Out running club has you covered. All through the year, they host virtual runs inspired by all things nerdy like Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Sherlock Holmes.

All runners receive a medal and personalized race bib for each event they pay to register for. The club is based out of Ohio so they also host lots of local races alongside the virtual ones. The proceeds from each race are given to children’s charities like Intermountain Children’s Hospital and Intermountain Healing Hearts. Runners are encouraged to join their Facebook page for support and to meet fellow runners in their area.

The Nerd Herd

Although the Nerd Herd only hosts three virtual races a year, they are ones you do not want to miss. Each race features its own medal, but all four medals are connected to form one awesome giant medal. This year’s races included a Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter themes. These races are hosted to raise money for the charity Stupid Cancer which is an organization that supports teens with cancer.


runDisney is a running series comprised of three 5ks, each with their own unique medal and a Mickey Mouse tumbler. This year, each run was named after Mickey Mouse’s attire: the Yellow Shoes, the Red Pants, and the White Glove. The money raised through the virtual runs is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So no matter where you are, get out there and earn those medals! Virtual runs are meant to be ran on your time and your pace, so have fun with it. It’s a great time for both beginners and experienced runner. All of these organizations encourage runners to dress up and make their runs an experience, not just another workout.