Too Cold Outside? Try These Fun Indoor Workouts
Exercises Feb 28, 2019
Too Cold Outside? Try These Fun Indoor Workouts

Tired of the same ol’ gym routine? Looking to reinvigorate your workout with something exciting and fun? If so, you have tons of options to choose from. Even though the weather outside may be a bit frightful, you can find interesting indoor activities all over town that will get you sweating, revving your metabolism and challenging your muscles.

Here are some fun ways to get in a winter sweat sesh without battling the elements:

Rock Climbing

Scaling indoor walls can be a serious workout and challenges your mind as well as your body. You’ll be able to torch hundreds of calories while working on your arm, shoulder, leg and back muscles.

Trampoline Park

Want to relive the fun of childhood while getting in a serious low-impact cardio workout? Head to a trampoline park for an hour of free jumping or look into trampoline fitness classes near you for a workout that’s a lot harder than it looks.

Dance Class

No matter what type of rhythm soothes your soul, you can find a dance class that will get you into the groove. From Latin or Bollywood to ballet or jazz, you can score a serious workout and get energized at the same time.

Indoor Bootcamp

Mix strength training with cardio intervals to burn up to 1,000 calories per class and improve your strength and cardio fitness. This is a high intensity class and can really push you to your limits.


You may have taken a cardio kickboxing class at the gym but have you ever wrapped your hands, put on a real pair of boxing gloves and hit the bag? Boxing classes are available nationwide and are a great way to relieve stress, increase confidence and improve fitness.

Spin Class

Not only will these classes strengthen your butt, thighs, calves and core, but they’ll help you burn hundreds of calories and will leave you feeling inspired and challenged. The key is to find an instructor who you connect with.

Aerial Acrobatics

In some classes, you’ll use silk swings or hammocks suspended from the ceiling while doing choreographed strength exercises. Think along the lines of Cirque-du-Soleil. You need to let yourself go and get used to the flow but once you do, you’ll feel amazing!