The Key to Ultimate Flexibility
Fitness & TrainingWellness Feb 28, 2019
The Key to Ultimate Flexibility

Do you want to achieve ultimate flexibility in your muscles? Ultimate flexibility in your muscles can give you the feeling of freedom to move and able to achieve positions and poses in your body that you would not be able to otherwise. Yogis often have great flexibility as well as dancers and gymnasts.

Flexibility can definitely be improved. Daily stretching routines, where you perform static stretches and hold the stretch for a prolonged period of time (30-60 seconds) helps to elongate your muscles. Dynamic stretching is also a great way to improve flexibility. This is where you are moving while actively stretching, rather than holding the stretch for a period of time. This can improve blood flow to the muscle and aid in flexibility and movement.

There are other ways that someone can achieve their ultimate flexibility. Yoga is a great way to help with flexibility. There are many types of yoga, some focus more on stretching while other types are more about strengthening. Yin yoga is a great type that helps with flexibility. This is where you hold the stretch for usually 90-120 seconds with the goal to get the muscle to release so that you are creating space at the joint itself.

Generally speaking, the more we move the more flexible our muscles are. Movement is key for our body and helps with keeping flexible and not getting stiff or sore. Daily walks are an important way to get our movement in. Other forms of movement are dancing, sports, and hiking. It is also helpful to move throughout the day while at work. When we get stuck sitting for too long, our muscles can become less flexible. Movement is key!

Healthy muscles are able to be more flexible in nature. What provides health to our muscles? With that, it is great to keep our muscles strong and stable with strength training. The muscles are also responsive to what we put in our bodies. Proper nutrition and possibly supplements as needed can really improve the health and wellness in our muscles and bodies. When we do not have these things in place, we are more likely to have muscle strains, pulls, tears or injuries.

Hydration is key for our muscles as well, and can aid in safe and effective flexibility exercises. A good goal is to drink half of our body weight in ounces per day. This proper hydration will allow us to get the most out of our muscles and stay flexible and healthy as well.

Ultimate flexibility can be achieved through static and dynamic stretching, yin yoga classes, movement, and healthy muscles via proper strength, nutrition and hydration. We are all different, yet we can all achieve the best flexibility for our bodies that will allow for proper freedom to move and the ability to move our bodies in the way we want to. Contact your physical therapist today, as he or she will be able to guide you in the proper program for flexibility for your individual needs in order to achieve your goals.