How To Stay Fit When You’re Traveling
Fitness & TrainingWellness Apr 26, 2018
How To Stay Fit When You’re Traveling

You’re committed to following a healthy lifestyle at home. You eat healthy, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. That’s very commendable – and it’s good for your health. But what happens when your regular routine gets disrupted because you’re traveling? Do you find it difficult to follow the same healthy lifestyle away from home as you do when you’re in your usual surroundings?

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to let all your good habits go by the wayside. Here are 5 tips to help you stay fit when you travel:

Do Your Homework

Before heading to your destination, look into the options that are available to you so you’ll know what to expect. Will you have access to activities that will keep you on the go? Will there be free time to explore or workout? Will you be tempted to sample lots of decadent fare or will there be abundant choices that are as healthy as they are delicious? This information can help you plan for what you’ll do while you’re away.

Take Advantage Of New Surroundings

If you’re visiting a new locale, there’s usually tons of opportunities to get in some physical activity while taking in the sights. Even if you’re not engaged in organized physical activities or adventures, you’ll likely be moving around a lot in one way or another. Most people don’t travel only to spend time just sitting in a hotel room after all. So just get out and explore and you’ll likely be getting in some exercise without even realizing it.

Choose Local Fare

Sure, it may be harder to stick to your regular eating plan when you’re away, but there’s no reason to completely abandon your commitment to eating healthy. Focus on eating fresh, local food most of the time. If there are particular foods or drinks that you just “have to have” because you’re traveling, allow yourself to indulge. Then fill the rest of your day with fruits and veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains. And make sure you drink enough water so you stay hydrated.

Pack The Right Gear

Bring your fitness tracker if you have one, some comfy clothes and supportive shoes. You can also bring easy-to-pack gear such as resistance bands or a jump rope. Many hotels have fitness centers so use them in your spare time. Some hotel chains will even provide you with fitness amenities and videos so you can get in a solid workout right in the comfort of your hotel room.

Rethink Your Workout

You don’t have to follow your regular workout routine to stay fit. In fact, a little variety is good for your body and your spirit. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get in an hour at the gym or complete a 5 mile run. Instead think about all the ways you can incorporate physical activity into your travel plans. Rent a bike. Take a scenic walking tour. Go paddleboarding. Visit some museums or shops. All of these activities will keep you on the go and help you stay fit as you have fun.