Start Your Self Care Routine With These Three Goals
Wellness Sep 10, 2018
Start Your Self Care Routine With These Three Goals

There is quite a bit of talk centering around self-care these days, but did you know that actual self-care means eating healthy snacks and meals, getting adequate sleep, and viewing exercise as a celebration of your one and only body?

Here are ways to change your perspective and make actual self-care part of your daily routine.

Sleep Goal

Set a goal for how many hours of sleep you’d like to get on average every night, and aim for that amount without fail. Sleep helps us make better decisions, eat better, heal faster, and perform at higher levels when working out.

According to Healthline, sleep has been shown to enhance athletic performance and flexibility. With consistent, proper rest, your body will be stronger and making you ready to take on more difficult tasks with fervor.

Studies show that people who are sleep deprived are more consistently overweight, depressed, and low performing individuals. Sleep is something most of us can control. By setting your sleep goal to at least seven hours a night, you’ll have more control over your choices during the daytime hours.

Healthy Diet

The next important component for self-care is your diet. Feed your one and only body the vitamins it needs to thrive. Fruits, vegetables, and water are essential to feel your best. Pre-packaged junk food is convenient, but it will drag you down all day.

Switch out your granola bars, chips, and popcorn for celery and hummus, hard boiled eggs with pepper, or cucumbers with sea salt. Switch out your soda and cafe lattes for black coffee and water.

Look for food items where sugar is low and protein is high. By eliminating as much processed food as you can, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel within one week, and your workouts will be that much more effective. Follow that plan with eliminating sugar, and your cravings for poor quality food will diminish. Feed your body like you love your body.

Workout to Celebrate

Instead of viewing workouts or physical therapy as a punishment, look at them like celebrations of what your body can do. Human bodies are fascinating and resilient. Each milestone or goal you hit in the gym is an incredible achievement. If you view workouts as exciting challenges rather than physical punishment for yourself, you’ll be more willing to keep your schedule and make the workouts and therapy more meaningful. Your body will thank you.

True Self-Care

True self-care is doing what you know is good for your body and your mind. Adequate sleep, good nutrients, and physical celebrations at the gym are just three ways to treat yourself like the amazing person you are. Perspective is key. Now set your goals and begin achieving them.