Start Your Morning Off With A Wellness Routine
Wellness Nov 16, 2018
Start Your Morning Off With A Wellness Routine

The first moments of your morning will determine how the rest of your day will be perceived. Starting the day off right will not only benefit your mental health, it will help you physically. Doing these daily activities can allow for a happier, healthier you.

Morning Stretches

For many, waking up in a hurry is not uncommon. To combat the stress, try stretching first thing in the morning. There are many advantages to stretching and doing so first thing in the morning will give you maximum benefits. Not only does stretching improve posture, it assists in blood flow.

When we sleep, our bodies stay in a horizontal position for an extended period for time, and that causes our blood flow to be disrupted. If we give ourselves the time in the morning to stretch, we help increase our bodies’ circulation, especially to our brains. This improves our daily concentration and sharpens our senses which will help in other daily activities.

Drink Some Water

When we sleep, our bodies are losing water. This means that when we wake up, we are dehydrated. Instead of heading to the coffee pot, try drinking a glass of water before anything else. Not only does water assist with purging toxins from your skin, it purifies the colon, and can boost your metabolism.


Meditation takes time and practice to achieve. The goal is to clear your mind to prevent stress and spending five minutes every morning trying to achieve zen will get you one step closer to tranquility. Being able to concentrate will slow time down for you and create a peaceful state of mind. There will be mornings where you gain full benefits from meditation, but you will have others you have only slipped into a zen state for seconds.

Either way, any form of meditation is better than not trying at all. Meditation helps with mental wellness which will help in physical ways as well; for example, the assistance in breathing and blood flow.

Do Something You Love

You may not enjoy waking up to stretching or drinking water, but if you finish your morning routine with something that you love then your day is more likely to stay in that mindset. Whether that be exercising, reading, or writing, doing something that makes you happy will release endorphins that you will carry with you for the rest of the day.

Morning activities introduce you to the day ahead. Start every morning with a quick and easy wellness routine that you will physically and mentally benefit from.