Is A Standing Desk Right For You?
Injury Care & PreventionWellness Apr 6, 2018
Is A Standing Desk Right For You?

Sitting for extended periods of time is not ideal for our overall health. In today’s world, many professionals are tied to a desk, oftentimes going hours without moving around. In addition to the office life, the average American spends 26.4 minutes per day commuting to work each way. What’s worse is that after a long day of work, many Americans go home to sit on the couch for extended periods watching their favorite shows or movies. This sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on your body in many ways.

Knowing these stats about sedentary lifestyles is enough to scare anyone. It should be especially scary for those individuals who attempt to work out on a regular basis, and think they are doing enough. Your weight and body image may appear to be fine, but things may not be operating as well under the hood. With that said, here are some fixes to our lifestyle woes.

Find A Standing Desk

Standing desks are becoming more popular for individuals who want to sit less at work. Most companies make “sit-stand” desks that allow you to stand up and sit-down during the day. The benefits of these types of desks are increased production, more alertness, and more movement throughout the day. Some individuals use permanent standing desks which prevents them from sitting at all during the day.

Some items that may help improve your experience with a standing desk could include an anti-fatigue floor mat which helps limit joint pain from standing for long periods of time. Also, the use of a small step stool can help give your legs some variety as you stand for long hours. Using the stool can help take pressure off of your knees, ankles, and lower back enhancing your ability to stand for longer periods of time.

Take More Moving Breaks

If standing desks are something that is not allowed within your workplace, simply take more walks throughout the day. It may be difficult to pull away from a high priority project, but standing up and walking to the water fountain can do wonders to your overall health. Putting reminders on your phone, or enlisting the use of a smart watch could help generate reasons to stand up and move around.

Also, taking breaks to simply step outside for a few minutes can generate better brain function to help refocus you on those important tasks you are attempting to accomplish. One final thought could be walking to your workmates desk to discuss an issue rather than sending them an e-mail about the topic.

Though these are small initiatives to help your overall health, the goal is to prevent your body from sitting still as much as possible. Standing up every 30 minutes could be enough to promote a better overall lifestyle for yourself. It may also improve your overall mobility. Don’t believe it? Give it a shot, and see for yourself!