The Orthology Approach was developed by industry-leading healthcare professionals and proven by years of evidence based research.

It employs top quality clinical practices in physical rehabilitation centers that combine health science research in orthopedic care and neurological rehabilitation with hands-on, non-invasive personalized treatment. The goal? No more pain.

The use of this approach is how they can get you better, faster.

How Does It Work?

Their approach first identifies dysfunction in movement patterns and poor muscle engagement. Through their treatment they address the dysfunction through both moving and mobilizing joints.

Then, an Orthology provider determines how that movement has impacted your soft tissue structures (such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia). Following this, they use manual and soft tissue therapies to treat your pain and injury. Do you suffer from tension/tightness? A strain? An actual tear?

Finally, the Orthology provider focuses on how movement has impacted your muscle strength. Through physical rehabilitation programs and neuromuscular reprogramming, they can begin to “retrain your brain” from dealing with these abnormal patterns the body has adopted in response to injury.

Together, these techniques comprise their unique, evidence-based approach. When partnered with the rigorous attention to quality of care by Orthology providers, it truly sets them apart.

A Success Story

Backed by proven, modern scientific and medical research, this approach has successfully restored function and provided sustained physical wellness for thousands of patients.

It has created a structure for highly trained Orthology providers to combine scientifically proven caregiving practices into a unique, comprehensive treatment plan that’s customized and works for you.