Orthology clinics provide employers with all-inclusive, state-of-the-art industrial rehabilitation services. From pre- to post-injury, we offer employers and insurers everything they need to fully serve workers’ compensation cases—and help prevent workplace injuries.


Job Site Analyses

Thorough analysis of the worker’s job duties, with particular focus on the determination of the Essential Functions. Job Site Analyses are used to design rehabilitation programs and provide a framework for evaluations such as Functional Capacity Evaluations and Post-Offer Evaluations. These are demanding of rigorous attention-to-detail and defensibility. We use state of the art software and digital instruments to quickly and efficiently capture all the job metrics to present a concise yet detailed report of the job functions.

Post-Offer Evaluations

Evaluations designed to determine the ability of a job applicant to perform the Essential Functions of the job. Conditional job offers are legally withdrawn from employees who do not demonstrate the ability to perform tasks that are job-related and of business necessity, thereby protecting employers and applicants from costly and unnecessary injuries.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Evaluation of the risk factors associated with a job; recommendations are made to mitigate risk factors, protect workers, and reduce employer exposure. Advanced analyses, such as the NIOSH Lifting Equation and Cumulative Trauma Risk Assessment tools, help employers evaluate the efficacy of administrative and engineering changes before their implementation so as to save time and money.


Treatment Sessions

Orthology offers a comprehensive workers’ compensation treatment program. We communicate closely with adjusters, case managers, and physicians to (1) secure the necessary authorization for treatment, and (2) report on updated patient progress toward case resolution. We use a proven methodology that helps to identify the root cause of pain, restore function, and facilitate recovery, thereby promoting early return to work.

Work Conditioning

Some patients may need continued therapist-monitored conditioning to address remaining deficits and assist in safe return to work. Our team’s expertise in designing work conditioning programs, combined with our stateof- the-art facilities, allow simulation of every possible work station, and aid in returning injured employees to work as quickly as possible—and with the least possibility of re-injury.

Ergonomic Assessments

In some cases, workers will need on-site analysis of their work environment to help eliminate work-related risk factors and facilitate safe return to work with reduced risk. Our providers evaluate work stations and make recommendations to employers to restore a safe working environment.


Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our staff is trained and led by Dr. Jonathan Reynolds, one of the country’s most experienced functional capacity evaluators. He is responsible for training and overseeing Orthology’s entire Industrial Rehabilitation Services group. Our evaluations are performed using the most advanced computerized instrumentation and multi-media tools that enable the evaluator to focus on the behavior of the examinee. Detailed reports are clear and concise, and withstand the rigor of legal challenge.

Job Site Analyses

Often combined with Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Job Site Analyses are conducted on-site to determine the physical demands of a specific job. Together, the FCE and Job Analysis enable us to determine the exact ability of a worker relative to the demands of his or her job and facilitate case resolution.

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