The Running Physique – True or False?
Fitness & Training Nov 3, 2017
The Running Physique – True or False?

Running is a great sport that a wide range of people can master with the right preparation and dedication. However, many people believe that they can’t run because they don’t have the right physique to begin with. The belief in a “runner’s physique” has probably turned many potential participants away from a sport that they would otherwise love.

How did this myth come about and is there any truth to it? Keep reading to find out.

The Right Physique

The myth that there is a specific running physique has spread to far too many people. The truth is that anybody can get into running if they’re willing to take the step. There is no weight limit to start or maintain. In fact, the sport of running is as much a mental commitment as it is a physical one. If you’ve ever seen a marathon, you’ll see runners of all shapes and sizes. All of them are there because they have all committed to the daily workouts and desire to compete in the race, not because they all have a certain body type or look.

Does the Weight Matter?

It depends. It is important to understand that a little extra weight (if that weight is fat) can make running more difficult. For example, a person with five percent excess weight has been shown to cover about 100 feet less during a 12-minute run. That kind of decrease in running speed has nothing to do with stamina but with the extra weight a person is carrying around.

However, this doesn’t mean a person’s figure limits them from running. Whether you’re curvy, thin or athletic built, your physique will not stop you from running. As with any sport, you will have to make adjustments that are personalized to you and your body but strength and stamina can come in many forms.


Whether you’re looking for a new physical activity or aiming to lose some weight, running regularly is a great way to burn fat and shape your body. While it won’t change your physique overnight, it can help shape it up.

So remember that running is not about what physique you have but your stamina and persistence. It can seem like a difficulty sport to get into right away because it requires a lot of dedication. However, if you stick with it, you might just find yourself a new favorite activity and a new physique.