Running In The Heat? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do
Injury Care & Prevention Jul 5, 2018
Running In The Heat? Here Are 4 Things You Should Do

With the summer season approaching, there are going to have to be adjustments made when it comes to planning your running routine. It is actually advised not to run in extreme heat. However, running in mildly hot weather can be done, so long as you prepare your body for the task.

Here are four tips to help you prepare for your run in hot weather:

Choose The Right Time Of Day

Always be sure to check the temperature for the days ahead. If it’s going to be hot, plan to run during the coolest part of the day. This would be in the early morning or early evening. Be sure to be extra cautious during this less than busy times of day, especially if it’s dark out.

Change Your Expectations

Don’t go into your run expecting to run the same way you would any other day. Running in hotter weather takes more energy, so it’s likely you are going to become tired faster. For this reason, it’s best to change your expectations and be prepared to have a longer running time without letting it bring you down. Pushing yourself too hard can definitely be an issue in hot weather conditions.

Wear Your Water

You need to stay even more hydrated during your run. Wearing your water in the form of a hydration pack is going to ensure that your water is constantly available to you. This is better than stopping for water breaks in hot weather. This is also better than running with a water bottle in hand, which can only require more energy on your part, making you become tired that much faster.

Recognize When You Need to Stop

If you notice any signs of the heat getting to you, you need to be kind to your body by recognizing when it’s time to stop. At this point, take a cool down, stretch and allow your body to rehydrate.

Remember that the best thing you can do for your body when doing any kind of exercise is preparing and this includes preparing for the weather whether it be colder or hotter than usual.