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Tyron Medallo

PT / Physical Therapist
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About Tyron Medallo

Tyron—also known as “Ty” to friends– pursues his passions and goes all in for every patient he treats and every activity he enjoys. Professionally, this all-in mentality has served him well. He worked as a therapist in the Philippines for 5 years with success in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and in aquatics/sports settings. A truly rewarding time in his career. He then moved to NYC to work in the “big time.” After more than a decade of positive patient outcomes, he’s joined the team at Orthology. And with this new challenge, Ty says he “wants to keep rocking and go deeper in improving his skills as a physical therapist.” Another all-in passion of his is freediving. It’s an extraordinary pursuit—a challenging form of underwater diving based on the diver going as far down as possible, holding their breath until resurfacing. To be perfectly clear, that means no breathing apparatus! As you would guess, the measure of a great freediver is how far they can go. But it demands that the diver stay relaxed. It gives a PT like Ty a unique understanding of how the human body performs under stress. Ty is totally prepared for this unique endeavor. He’s a trained scuba diver, runner and does yoga. After all, part of going “all-in” is doing the hard work—continuing your education, gaining more expertise, executing against a plan. This is a man that knows what he’s doing. Every patient he meets knows they’re in good hands.