About Steven Braverman

Steven started his career at the Hospital For Special Surgery where he quickly became a senior staff PT. After 4 years at HSS he worked in various private practices specializing in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. In 1993 Steven founded RESTORE Physical Therapy in midtown Manhattan where for 23 years he specialized in the evaluation and treatment of surgical and non-surgical orthopedic, spinal and sports injuries. Over that time Steven experienced, first-hand, the evolution of managed care and it’s unhealthy impact on patient care. As such, no one better understands the nuances of achieving excellent patient outcomes in a quick, safe and challenging environment while being forced to adhere to managed care policies and procedures. In December 2015 Steven joined Orthology in order to more effectively provide his patients with the highest level of physical therapy care available. Steven is also a graduate of the Back School of Atlanta’s Ergonomic Assessment program and currently holds a level 2 certification (CEAS II). In 2006 Steven founded Ergonomic Consultants of New York, a subsidiary of RESTORE, specializing in the evaluation of ergonomic environments at home, work and industry with the goal of preventing and/or minimizing the potential for developing musculoskeletal injuries. Steven has given lectures in both the individual and work setting regarding these issues. The most rewarding part of Steven’s job is the trust that his patients have put in him over the years not only by returning to him for treatment of future injuries but by directly referring their friends, family and coworker as well. After 30 years of practice he is as motivated as ever to keep his patients as healthy and active as possible.