About Stephanie Belaires

Stephanie Belaires Stuke attended Ursinus College where she graduated with a major in Exercise and Sports Science. Here she played one year of D3 soccer and golfed for three years. She then attended Columbia University where she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Stephanie’s interest in physical therapy stemmed from her involvement in sports over the years. She observed various injuries and became interested in how these injuries occurred and how people recovered from these injuries. However, what primarily drove her to become a physical therapist was the ability to help patients get back to their previous level of function, whether it be running to being able to drive to work without pain. She previously worked at an outpatient orthopedic setting in Manhattan and has continued in this speciality area in Lake Success. Although Stephanie treats all body parts, her specialty areas are the foot/ankle, knee, hip and neck. She also treats runners, golfers, and soccer players. She holds the Titleist Performance Institute certification for golfers. In her free time Stephanie enjoys golfing with her husband and her dad. She also enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, playing fetch with her dog Zoe, and spending time with her family.