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Sarah Sinson

PT / Physical Therapist, DPT / Doctor of Physical Therapy
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About Sarah Sinson

Born and raised in the Philippines, Sarah Sinson earned a Bachelor of Science from the highly respected University of Santo Tomas. Like many PTs, she is dedicated to further education in her chosen field, and is currently completing her transitional doctorate degree at the University of Montana. Right after finishing college in the Philippines, Sarah moved to Houston, Texas to successfully pass her Physical Therapy licensure exam in 2014. She then headed to New York that same year to begin her career. Inspired by “being able to help patient achieve their goals” Sarah has set many goals for herself, and her record of positive patient outcomes speaks for itself. Above all, she is passionate about getting people back to doing what they love. Fully engaged in her work as a caregiver, she has been working for Sports-Orthopedic related clinics in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens since arriving in New York. She provides “pure attention” to the people she treats, and truly believes that being a great physical therapist requires focused, empathetic concern to help each individual patient get better, faster. “The rest will fall into place,” she says. Sarah has stayed true to her pursuit of professional education. She has been attending continuing education seminars headed by the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) and Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy, broadening her knowledge in order to treat a greater variety of the patient population. She’s committed to using research-based techniques and proven exercises to help patients get relief—both immediate and long-term.