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Marina Yerovinkina

PT / Physical Therapist, DPT / Doctor of Physical Therapy
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About Marina Yerovinkina

After growing up in New York City, completing her schooling here, and pursuing her love of dance and martial arts— all indoor activities — Marina Yerovinkina heard the call of the wild. After a new found interest in outdoor activities, she earned a BA in Environmental studies from NYU, where she spent a lot of time in the field. Marina went in a different direction for graduate studies, earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with Honors from prestigious Columbia University. (She was celebrated among friends in grad school as “small but mighty.”) Martial arts and dance had helped her develop an awareness of her own body, and the myriad ways it can move. It was a springboard to a professional commitment to helping others enjoy full physical health. And she brings her love of Aikido and dancing into her practice, focusing on movement, helping patients become more attuned to their bodies. You can see how martial arts, with its integrative philosophy, would attract this scholar with a genuine ardor for physical movement. Aikido is a synthesis of combat practices and their theoretical underpinnings. In fact, the word Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying with life energy.” And this translates well in PT—helping patients understand their injury better on an intellectual level enables them to avoid recurrence, leading to long term physical health. Marina’s mission is clear: to show people how they can regain control over their body. So the payoff comes when a patient integrates the information they learned the previous session, and applies that knowledge to their own body. They are physically and mentally engaged in their own healing.