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Luciano Rossi

PT / Physical Therapist
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About Luciano Rossi

Luciano Rossi received his physical therapy degree at Catholic University in Brazil. He studied International Relations for several years but ultimately decided to switch courses and follow his passion for helping people to recover from injuries and pain. There, he learned that the human body is a complex mechanism, and therefore understanding musculoskeletal pathologies requires deep attention to detail.

As a seasoned physical therapist, Luciano employs evidence-based practices, ensuring that research and science support his plans of care. His specialty is in Exercise Physiology, equipping him with the knowledge of how the human body works during exercises and physical activities. The right exercises help to improve a patient’s capacity to move, relieve them of pain and prepares them “to get back in the game” as soon as possible. Another leading treatment methodology of his includes manual therapy techniques that are essential in the rehabilitation process.

Luciano’s vast experience in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation includes working at the Brazilian Volleyball National Team (Golden Medal at Beijing 2008 / London 2012 Olympic Games), the Brazilian Judo National team, Trentino Volleyball Club (Italy), Clube Atletico Mineiro, Track & Field Competition during 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and many other experiences with professional athletes all over the world.

Luciano has special certifications in myofascial and trigger points releasing, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and joint manipulation. He can reduce pain and improve movements through the application of many different types of taping techniques such as Biomechanical tape, Dynamic Tape, McConnell, and Kinesio Tape.

Outside of the office, Luciano loves to have fun with his wife and daughter, and practices Brazilian Jiujitsu, Crossfit, and running!