About Jeff Winter

Jeff earned both his Master and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from The College of St. Catherine in Minneapolis, MN. He believes in considering the whole person when creating effective treatment programs aimed at helping patients achieve independence and higher functioning as quickly as possible. Backing this philosophy, Jeff develops individualized programs for each patient by addressing the source of the problem and the dysfunctional movement pattern, as well as the unique goals and limitations of the individual. He is committed to helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle through movement. In addition to his excellent care, he is certified in dry needling and spinal manipulation. One of Jeff’s professional passions is working with people suffering from shoulder pain. From wear-and-tear over the years to traumatic injuries and from post-operative rotator cuff tears to total reconstructions. Jeff enjoys working with patients helping them achieve their functional goals with regard to this very important, complicated joint complex. Jeff is committed to life-long learning. He has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Biology Department at Bethel University since 2010 where he currently teaches Clinical Anatomy. He is also a Clinical Faculty member in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at St. Catherine University where he is involved in clinic instruction and education with program students. Committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Jeff has a passion for endurance sports. He is active with his family enjoying swimming, biking, running, hiking and camping. Jeff also has coached youth soccer and is engaged in injury prevention education programs with local associations.