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Jack Renfroe

PT / Physical Therapist, DPT / Doctor of Physical Therapy
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About Jack Renfroe

Jack Renfroe engages all of his patients with energy and enthusiasm. It’s part of what makes him so effective as a physical therapist. Given his passion for sports, you would have guessed he’d be a natural. “I believe that these interests help me relate to patients,” says Jack. It’s true! He wants to get patients “back in the game,” doing what they love to do. His vibrant spirit makes him a great caregiver—one that gets transformative results. Every person that comes to him for treatment knows that Jack is teammate, coach, and trainer all rolled into one. But Jack knows that PT is not a sport, and he effectively translates his passion for sports to provide successful care based on research, proven techniques and the latest therapeutic advances. He’s clear on his objectives: to promote health and wellness to all ages; to give patients the tools to lead a healthier life; to make sure patients get better and accomplish their goals; to educate them and make sure they truly understand their condition. Jack grew up in the heartland—Oklahoma—and later graduated from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, his hometown. A soccer player, he still loves to compete. When he’s not finding fun new ways to exercise, treating patients, pursuing his love for cooking, or traveling, he’s likely checking scores on And when asked who his favorite all time athlete is, he goes with the best: Jack Nicklaus. A proven winner. It makes sense. Because the positive energy and professional focus that Jack Renfroe brings to treatment makes everyone he treats feel like a winner.