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Gimbo John Corre

PT / Physical Therapist
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About Gimbo John Corre

Gimbo John Corre is the kind of caregiver who really inspires patients. When faced with a difficult way forward on their journey to pain-free, long term, better health, they know that Gimbo will be there every step of the way. It’s fitting that such a steadfast caregiver should graduate from a school called the University of Perpetual Help System, with its focus on health and service. He’s a practitioner that continuously communicates with patients, educating them about their condition so they can respond accordingly. As he’s demonstrated in his own life, knowledge is a powerful tool. He knows that an informed patient, fully engaged in their own treatment, makes the path to recovery far easier. Gimbo’s love of sports is at the core of his mission to get people healthy. Basketball has played a major role in his life, and his true passion is working with athletes. He got his start in a small sports clinic, and went on to become the Head Physical Therapist of the Philippine Team Men’s Basketball U18. He was then appointed the National University Sports Program Head Physical Therapist. You can see why the legendary Dirk Nowitzki is his favorite ballplayer! You don’t get to be one of the greatest shooters of all time unless you out-work everyone else—showing up early, staying late. Gimbo says the most rewarding part of his work is seeing patients getting back to doing what they love, regaining their form. Then, when he’s treating athletes, seeing them perform again at their best. “It gives me a high and feeling of accomplishment,” he says, especially “getting a nod from patients or players after a spectacular performance.”