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Ashley Hernandez

PT / Physical Therapist, DPT / Doctor of Physical Therapy
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About Ashley Hernandez

Ashley Hernandez is a native New Yorker who discovered her calling to become a physical therapist during her time as a collegiate athlete at CUNY’s Herbert H. Lehman College. As a student and an athlete, she pursued a commitment to Fordham University’s Army ROTC program. Since then, Ashley has received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Tennessee State University while serving as a part-time Army National Guard Medical Officer in Nashville, TN.

With Ashley’s recent return to New York, she joins the Orthology team and continues to serve in the military as part of the NY National Guard. Ashley is passionate about physical therapy and thoroughly enjoys working with patients of all ages with various injuries and conditions. Her drive to help patients stems from her belief that there is a primitive and complex relationship between the mind and body, and sometimes that relationship becomes off balance either due to stresses of everyday life or a specific event that led to an injury.

By sharing her knowledge of the human body she hopes to inspire patients to regain that balance. Her clinical interests are for neurological, orthopedic, and pediatric rehabilitation. Ashley’s treatment style focuses on regaining functional strength and movement through a customized approach developed specifically for every patient, which utilizes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and activity, and neuromuscular re-education. As a PT, Ashley seeks to provide all patients with the appropriate tools and education to be as independent and functional as possible while also aiming to prevent future physiological issues.

During her free time, Ashley enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, traveling overseas, hiking, dancing, running, and strength-training. You can often find her exploring nature, reading and learning about new subjects and hobbies, as well as attending music concerts.