Non-Traditional Indoor Workouts You’ll Love
ExercisesFitness & Training Dec 6, 2016
Non-Traditional Indoor Workouts You’ll Love

With shorter days and weather that’s less conducive to lacing up your sneakers and heading out for a run, you may be looking for some inspiring ways to stay fit while taking your workout indoors. Some people don’t mind swapping their fresh air endeavors for a routine trip to the gym, but many loathe the thought of counting down the minutes as the treadmill rolls underfoot.

If you’re looking to keep things fun while getting in a good workout, why not try something a bit less traditional? These 6 non-traditional workouts can get your heart pumping, your body toned and can torch some serious calories, all while you escape the less-than-desirable elements of the coming season.

Daybreaker Parties

Head to the club in the morning to dance your heart out? You bet! If you’d rather go to a rave-like event than the health club, head to a Daybreaker party near you! Touted as a “morning dance party that will start your day with energy and intention,” a Daybreaker gets your heart pumping and your body moving. Break out your dance moves before breakfast without having to dress to impress.

Trampoline Parks

Feel like a kid again as you jump to your heart’s content at a trampoline gym, complete with music and glow lights to pump up the fun factor. Attend an open session or find a trampoline gym that offers more organized workouts. Just six minutes of jumping on a trampoline is equal to running about a mile, all while the cushioning of the trampoline protect your joints.

Hula Hooping

According to the American Council on Exercise, hula hooping at an intermediate level can burn as many calories as brisk walking, step aerobics or even a boot camp workout. As you’re keeping that hoop moving, you’ll tone your abs, back, arms and legs. The activity will also help you increase flexibility and improve your balance. You can do it just about anywhere – all you need is a hoop!

Sports Leagues

Indoor sports leagues help keep you fit while providing a great social outlet, and they’re usually anything but boring. From racquetball and basketball to soccer and hockey, there’s likely a league for whatever sport suits your fancy.

Ice Skating

Think heading to the ice rink is just a way to spend a fun afternoon with friends? Think again! Ice skating can burn twice as many calories as walking and is a low-impact activity that is good for your heart and your body. Skating helps improve your coordination and balance while toning your legs, glutes and core.

Rock Climbing

Head to an indoor climbing gym to exercise your mind as well as your muscles. It takes a lot of mental strength to figure out how to navigate an indoor climbing wall, but this challenging activity also works your arms, shoulders, back and legs. Not only will indoor climbing rev your heart rate, but it can torch as much as 650 calories an hour.