Orthology Arrives in Cape Town, The Day Off
EventsInjury Care & Prevention Aug 13, 2018
Orthology Arrives in Cape Town, The Day Off

Our own Jonathan Reynolds is currently traveling abroad with the Minnesota Orchestra as they make history, becoming the first American orchestra to tour in South Africa. Read on for the second installment from our world explorer as he arrives in South Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa

Jonathan Reynolds
August 9, 2018

Riding into downtown Cape Town well past midnight with Rashid on the Citi-Hopper airport shuttle was a nostalgic return. As we turned onto Keerom (Afrikaans for “turn upside down”) street he chuckled at people spilling out of the clubs around my AirBnB apartment.

I met up for breakfast the following morning with Annette Davis (Groeneveld) a close friend who had graduated from UCT with me in 1987. After spending some time catching up on the last 20 years, we switched to “talking shop” and remarked at what an amazing foundational education we had received as physiotherapists, particularly in the Maitland manual therapy approach, and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). Both form integral parts of what all Orthology physical therapists and chiropractors use to treat most of their patients.

With the orchestra having an off day, most of the musicians and support personnel went in search of all that Cape has to offer. Some braved 30 mph winds and the winding and treacherous Chapman’s Peak drive on bicycles to Noordhoek, passing Hout Bay and Llandudno, my most favorite place on earth. Some took a coached tour to the Cape Peninsula, enjoying the sights of penguins, baboons, and antelope. Others succumbed to the delights of the luxurious spa at the Taj Hotel at the top of Adderley Street, nestled beneath the swirling “table cloth” cascading off the north face of Table Mountain.

So, well rested and turned the right way up, we all seem ready to begin the performance aspect of the Cape Town leg of the tour. Consequently, my treatment schedule is notably more booked tomorrow than today’s has been.