Low Carb Snacks That Are Perfect When You’re On The Go
Nutrition Oct 31, 2018
Low Carb Snacks That Are Perfect When You’re On The Go

Whether you’re heading out on a road trip to enjoy some time off from work or just spending a day at the park to soak up some fresh air, you’ll need a few snacks and drinks to get you through the day.

Taking the time to pack your own snacks can keep you from stopping at the nearest vending machine or fast-food restaurant when hunger gets the best of you. Sticking to lower carb snacks will satisfy your rumbling stomach without leaving you on a blood sugar rollercoaster ride. The snacks listed below will not only help you stick to your diet but will keep your hunger at bay.


One of the most portable and satisfying low-carb snacks is also completely natural. Nuts contain protein and healthy fat, as well as other nutrients. Keep in mind that nuts are also calorie-dense foods so if you bring a big bag along to nosh on throughout the day, you’ll be consuming more calories than you may realize. You can find 100-calorie snack packs of some of your favorite nuts to keep portions in check.


Whether you opt for a low-fat mozzarella stick or a snack-size round of cheddar, cheese makes a great low-carb snack. It’s super portable and give you a mix of protein and calcium with minimal carbs. If you’ll be out for a while in the heat, be sure to pack your cheese snacks in a cooler.


It used to be that when you thought of beef jerky it conjured up images of highly processed and sodium-filled sticks. But today, you can find jerky made from anything from chicken and turkey to beef and pork, with flavor combinations that are sure to please any palate. These protein-rich snacks are tasty, satisfying and super-easy to take with you wherever your path may lead.

Dry-roasted snacks

Instead of grabbing some chips or pretzels during your next road trip, why not delve into a bag of dry-roasted edamame or chickpeas? You’ll still get the crunchy salty snack you crave with some nutrients and protein. Plus, you’ll find these packaged snacks in a variety of flavors, from sea salt to spicy wasabi.

Trail mix

There are many pre-packaged trail mix combos available or you can easily make your own for some low carb portable snacking. For a healthy and tasty combo, mix together almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, raisins and dark chocolate chips. Or choose any of your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruit to create different flavor combos.