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Physical Therapy

Brittney Ravettine, DPT

Brittney’s passion is helping people and she specializes in treating people for the long-term. She helps her patients return to sports and physical activity like snowboarding, baseball and pilates.

Jessica Chang, DPT

Jessica has been an athlete her whole life and has learned the value of taking care of her physical health. Now, she hopes to educate others on how to listen to their bodies and how to maintain their physical wellbeing through all aspects of daily life. Additional Certifications: Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

Edyta Friend, PT

Edyta’s extensive training in manual therapy, along with her sensitive and empathetic nature, makes her a great physical therapist. She brings technical expertise and genuine compassion to every patient she treats.

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Physical Therapy

Elizabeth Melvin, PT

Elizabeth is a physical therapist. A long time participant herself in gymnastics and track, Liz has extensive experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities. She incorporates her knowledge of sports into the treatment of her patients. Additional Certifications: Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

Rachel Hey-Shipton, DPT

Rachel grew up a dancer, which sparked her interest in the human body and movement from a young age. When thinking about a career in healthcare, she loved the idea of being able to treat with movement. *A prescription for physical therapy is required to see this practitioner. *

Sapana Kanojia, MSPT

When Sapana was 17 years old, she had a friend who fractured his shoulder and had to go through therapeutic rehabilitation and became fascinated by a career in physical therapy. Additional Education: Master of Science (MS), Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Jonathan Jezequel, DPT

Jonathan’s journey to becoming a physical therapist first came about from his interest in applied health basic sciences. His love for education in combination with sports and people led him to a career in physical therapy. Additional Certifications: Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS), Sports Certified Specialist (SCS)

Daniel Yoo, DPT

Daniel is a native of Los Angeles, where he grew up around health and fitness. This led to him to work with UC Irvine athletes as a member of the Sports Medicine team. During this time, he gained vast knowledge and experience in rehabilitation and injury prevention in basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, water polo, and tennis athletes.

Gimbo John (GJ) Corre, PT

Gimbo’s love of sports is at the core of his mission to get people healthy. Basketball has played a major role in his life, and his true passion is working with athletes. Gimbo believes the most rewarding part of his work is seeing patients getting back to doing what they love and regaining their natural form.