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Physical Therapy

Cristina Leek, PT

Cristina is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. She has experience with a variety of orthopedic injuries and finds joy and pleasure when she sees her patients return to their activities without any pain or limitation. Her main passion is working with injured tennis players of all ages and levels and helping them return to playing safely.

Felicia Vernaskas, PT

Felicia specializes in joint replacement recovery and balance. Volunteering alongside a her grandmother’s recovery care team brought Felicia to the physical therapy field.  It is the reason she loves being an active part of each of her patient’s recovery, through education, encouragement and providing the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Jeremy Smuckler, PT

Jeremy became interested in physical therapy following his own rehabilitation from a traumatic brain injury. He grew to appreciate the role of efficient movement in rehabilitation from a patient perspective. Today, he uses strategies to help patients realize they can achieve optimal movement patterns without relying on old strategies that could further induce pain.

Joan Monaghan, PT

Joan has always been active and interested in sports, and growing up with a family member who had polio exposed her to physical therapy at a young age. Joan’s love for helping people from diverse lifestyles and backgrounds drives her practice.

Lauren Bailey, PT

Lauren was a dancer while in high school and was also prone to injury. She found herself consistently at the orthopedic’s office followed by therapeutic rehab. Her passion for physical therapy grew from her experiences and her guidance from her uncle, and orthopedic specialist.

Lauren Wright, PT

Lauren’s interest in physical therapy developed as a result of the time she spent in the clinics of her friends and family. Today she specializes in treating dancers, runners, and tennis players.

Melissa Schaub, PT

Melissa specializes in treating hands and upper extremities. After receiving physical therapy herself, she saw first-hand how she could play a part in helping others get back into the game. Melissa is passionate about providing personalized, one-on-one care to each of her patients, so she can maximize their recovery.

Michael Teves, PT

Michael first became interested in physical therapy after injuring his knee while playing lacrosse in high school; he needed surgery and rehab. As he continued playing sports into college, his appreciation for physical therapy grew. The team of medical professionals consistently helped him return safely and quickly back to the playing field.

Stephanie Belaires, PT

Growing up, Stephanie was involved in sports and observed the injuries that came along with playing. Her experience paired with her love of science drove her to succeed in an occupation that would help individuals recover from injuries.

Steven Braverman, PT

Steven was inspired to become a physical therapist after he experienced physical therapy due to a sports injury. Through rehabilitation, he grew to appreciate the importance of strength and conditioning and the effect it has on one’s daily life.

Lenny Arroyave, PTA

Lenny graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant in 2014 from LaGuardia Community College. Lenny has a passion for helping people get back on their feet. When working with his patients, his philosophy is no matter how difficult the problem is, there is always a solution. His interest in physical therapy began while working as a Rehab Technician and grew extensively after watching friends and family rehab their various injuries. Lenny is additionally certified in Kineosiology Taping, Flossing, Cupping and IANSM Blading from the Rock Tape company.