Physical Therapy

Sandra Ohlenschlager, PT

Sandra specializes in soft tissue mobilization and addressing the factors of chronic pain and also has certifications in myofascial trigger point and dry needling techniques. Her own experience with physical therapy led her to fall in love with the profession and eventually help patients recover from injuries and surgery.

Joshua Speckman, DPT

Joshua became interested in physical therapy due to the various orthopedic injuries he endured in early adulthood. Today he is helping patients through the rehabilitation process and enjoys working lower extremity injuries, paying special attention to the biomechanics of movement.

Matt Murphy, PTA

Matt was first exposed to physical therapy when he dislocated his shoulder playing hockey. Today, he continues to value the field of rehabilitation and strives for excellent care. He enjoys working with work injury patients and hockey players.

Elizabeth Gibbons, PT

Elizabeth’s own experience with physical therapy helped her understand how injuries, pain, and physical dysfunction affect the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. She chose to be a physical therapist so she could help others heal and teach them how to understand the human body. Elizabeth enjoys working with patients who have hip and spinal injuries, balance deficiency, and chronic pain.


Jay Higgins, DC

When Jay was younger, he developed knee pain from playing sports, and was recommended to a chiropractor. The pain was gone after a couple of visits, and he was amazed at the results. Chiropractic care greatly improved his life, and now he is blessed to do the same for others.