Coon Rapids

Physical Therapy

David Anderson, DPT

David’s strengths include, but are not limited to, manual therapy techniques and spinal manipulation along with creating personalized physical therapy programs for his patients. He enjoys working with athletes, and specializes in soccer, track and field, and basketball, with a central focus of getting them back to the sports they love.

Jeff Winter, DPT

Jeff specializes in post operative shoulder rehabilitation. He is committed to helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle through movement. In addition to his excellent care, he is certified in dry needling and spinal manipulation.

Eric Koch, PT

Eric’s love for sports is one of the reasons why he became interested in physical therapy. He enjoys working one-on-one with patients so he can deliver personalized care and help them return to the activities they love.


Craig Schadow, DC

As a teenager, Craig experienced a serious injury, which led him to the healthcare field. Today, he is focused on implementing a holistic approach, including acupuncture, to his patients’ care plan. Craig specializes in automobile and work injuries.

Massage Therapy

Beth Plante, CMT

Beth enjoys having a profession that allows her to help people lead a happier and healthier life.

Laurel Iverson, CMT