June 2018 – Running Myths Debunked
Injury Care & Prevention Jun 21, 2018
June 2018 – Running Myths Debunked

Running is a great exercise when you want to lose weight or stay in shape. However, there are also many running myths that can either make running less effective, or cause injuries. Here are 4 debunked running myths for June that can make you a better runner and, even more importantly, protect you from injury.

You’ll Get Hurt If You Don’t Stretch Beforehand 

For years, runners were told that they must stretch before running or they could get injured. But within the last twenty years, scientists have proven that although stretching can be beneficial, stretching before exercise does not necessarily reduce the risk of running injuries.

You Should Exercise Daily

Whether running is their profession or just a recreational activity, most runners are very dedicated to their sport. This dedication frequently causes runners to believe running everyday is necessary. But there is actually great value in recovery days because they allow your body to better use the training and your body may perform better following the rest days.

You Can Run Barefoot

A modern running fad includes running barefoot or using shoes that mimic being barefoot. Although this method can be effective for some, many people can actually cause injuries when they do not have the proper foot support. Other footing mistakes include using your running shoes after they’re worn out or for non-running activities. If necessary, talk to a running expert to help you choose the right shoes.

You Must Hydrate With Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are a great option for hydrating after long runs because of their additives, such as electrolytes. But, for shorter runs, sports drinks are not necessary because your body has not lost many nutrients. For these shorter runs, water can also be as good of a hydration option.

However, regardless of your hydration choice, all runners must pay attention to the signs of dehydration and ensure that they stay hydrated. Additionally, one must understand that runners can become dehydrated more quickly and may need to drink more liquids to remain hydrated, although it is possible to over-hydrate.

Running can be a fun sport with many great health benefits. However, many running myths can cause injuries or deter people from running. But by understanding the truth behind these 4 myths, runners can safely enjoy this sport.