How To Improve Your Eating Habits
Nutrition Jan 9, 2019
How To Improve Your Eating Habits

Improving your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle can get stressful, especially if healthy eating is not a part of your daily routine. Becoming more conscience of what we consume has many wonderful benefits to our body’s stamina, appearance and overall health.

According to Psychology Today, food is linked to our emotions and can have a strong emotional pull. So getting into a new routine of healthy eating can require a bit of sacrifice in order to see the changes we want in our lives. There are many tips, tricks, and guides out there that you can incorporate towards improving your eating habits. Below are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind that will aid you in your journey toward healthy eating when used effectively.

Get Familiar With Your Weak Moments

When changing your eating behavior, it’s important to know what your weak and vulnerable moments are. Snacking is an eating behavior that can be brought on by a number of situations throughout the day. Moments of boredom, anxiety, and stress all can feed our need to snack.

Keeping yourself stocked with healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and other health food options, will help you keep on the healthy road when encountering such vulnerable shifts in your day. This will take practice and some trial and error, but as you learn more about yourself, you will begin to recognize and fine tune those vulnerable areas of your personality with more sensible eating choices when the moment arises.

Pay Attention To Your Cravings

If you have a craving for something sweet or high in carbs, like chips and cookies, this is a good indicator of something going on inside of your body that needs to be addressed. Sugar and carbohydrates are high energy products that temporarily spike our blood sugar levels for a quick feeling of boosted energy.

Having these cravings could simply be a sign that your body is tired or even thirsty. As you take notice and become aware of these cravings, you will start to hear what your body is really asking for. Further ensuring you make the proper food choices to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Get Some Sleep

Our body needs efficient time to rest so that it can heal and recuperate. It’s also important for weight loss. According to a study held at the University of Chicago, researchers found a 30% drop of insulin sensitivity due to lack of sleep. This means a more difficult time of getting rid of that stubborn fat. If we run all day without getting rest, eventually our body will not be as efficient as it can be for us. This can affect the food choices we make throughout our day.

Instead of eating sensible snacks and meals to sustain your energy, you may find yourself making a mad dash to the vending machine or running to the nearest fast food joint to give yourself temporary satisfaction which will cost you more in the long run. Giving your body adequate sleeping time will help you process food properly as well as help your mind make better food choices for you during the day.

Set Small Goals

It’s much easier to get to where we are going once we know how to get there. Setting small incremental goals is definitely a great place to get those eating habits moving in the right direction. If there is a 30 day weight-loss challenge at your job or community, use that as an opportunity to focus in on your eating habits and developing a new healthier habit along the way. When we begin to make small successes in the goals that we set for ourselves, it can create the confidence that we need to keep going and get better every day. Start small. Grow big.

Eliminate Unhealthy Products One At A Time

Sometimes we can go to extremes on what we are going to eliminate from our diet. A frequent mistake often times made with the idea that the more we restrict, the faster the weight will come off. Keep in mind, healthy eating is a lifestyle that is going to evolve as you gain more knowledge about your personal eating habits. So don’t go overboard. Remove small staples from your unhealthy diet one piece or product at a time.

Start off by replacing soda with more water, or adding one serving of vegetables instead of french fries. Taking one step at a time will ensure that you will continue to move forward on your healthy eating journey instead of huge leaps that may leave you feeling defeated.

Change Is A Process

Improving our eating habits are more than just opting for a smaller portion of our favorite servings of pasta. Though this is important, we must dig a bit deeper if we are wanting to truly change our lifestyle for good. Most of our eating behavior began at childhood. It takes commitment and persistence on our part to make those changes in our diet that will become the new normal to our daily eating regimen.