How To Own Your Morning Run
Fitness & Training Sep 20, 2018
How To Own Your Morning Run

Thinking about getting in a morning run before you start your day? If so, you’re not alone! There are many reasons people love running in the morning. But no matter how motivated you think you might be to be a morning runner, life gets in the way and it can be easy to hit that snooze button when it’s time to put best-laid-plans into action.

Whether you want to get in a morning run to start your day relaxed and refreshed or to simply get it out of the way before your day gets too hectic, here are six tips to own that morning run.

Go To Bed Early

You know sleep is good for you so make sure you hit the hay early enough to get a full 7-8 hours of restorative sleep. Getting enough sleep is not only healthy, but it will be easier for you to lace up your running shoes when your body is sufficiently rested. Once you get into the routine of running in the morning, you’ll likely get more tired at night and will naturally want to retire earlier.

Prepare The Night Before

If you have everything laid out before you go to bed, you won’t have to spend much time searching for the right outfit to wear or your running watch. When your running gear is ready and waiting for you, it’s harder to find an excuse to change your mind.

Have A Plan

If you’re following a training plan, you’re less likely to blow off your run because you want to sleep later. Planning out your run the night before will also help you get psyched up to run in the morning. If you need extra motivation to get going, find a running buddy who will be relying on you to stick with your plan.

Get Your Body Ready

Your body needs fuel after a night of fasting, so eat something light so you’re not running on an empty stomach. You should also drink some water before you head out to combat overnight dehydration. As an added bonus, it’ll help you wake up. Also, don’t forget to warm up before you run. You’ll loosen up the stiffness in your body and give your head a chance to get rid of the fuzziness.

Be Realistic

You can’t just decide one day that you’re going to get up at 5am and start running if you’ve never done it before. Ease into your new routine but understand that it will take some time to get over the desire to hit the snooze button. As you keep doing it, your body will adjust and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of getting in an early run without any negative consequences.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Cut yourself some slack if you need to make a few adjustments. For example, if you have an early morning meeting one day, you may just need to skip the morning run or push it to later in the day. Running in the morning shouldn’t be a source of added stress to your day – it should be a way for you to start the day feeling like you’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Morning runs are not for everyone, but if you learn to own your morning run, you can start your day feeling accomplished, energized and relaxed. You may also find that getting in your workout before the day gets going makes it easier to fit fitness into your busy schedule and helps you stay consistent.