Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers
Fitness & Training Dec 9, 2015
Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Finding great holiday gifts for friends and family members can be a fun challenge if they’re not dropping hints. Fitness-themed presents are gifts you can feel great about giving, since they’re an investment in long-term health. The gifts below are suitable for all ability levels, whether your recipient is only occasionally active or a dedicated gym goer.

Adjustable Dumbbell System

Just 10 weeks of resistance training can increase lean muscle mass, stimulate fat loss, and boost resting metabolic rate by 7 percent. Free weights allow you to perform a range of home exercises, but since different exercises require different weights, just having one or two sets of dumbbells can become problematic as you increase your training.

The adjustable dumbbell system is a set of free weights that lets you lift between 3 and 24 pounds per hand by setting and removing different pins. It’s essentially eight sets of dumbbells in one, making it the perfect gift for couples or families interested in strength training with different amounts of resistance.


The BOSU ball is a core exercise tool useful for balance training and muscle control at all fitness levels. With a soft, curved surface attached to a circular frame, the BOSU’s inherent instability can increase abdominal muscle activation during certain exercises, such as working the abs more effectively when placed under the low back during sit-ups.

Beginners can train for better balance by standing on the BOSU and performing squats and lunges on it. More advanced athletes can place their hands on the BOSU and perform push-ups, planks, and other body weight exercises.

Self-Massage Hook

Anyone who works out regularly has experienced aches, pains, and muscle soreness or tightness. Self-massage techniques can help improve pain and stiffness as well as boost overall functionality.

Foam rollers are popular options, but self-massage hooks are also worth considering. Their knobs target trigger points throughout the body for a more directed experience.

Storage Belt

Modern athletic gear doesn’t usually have much storage space, so it can be difficult for runners and other outdoor enthusiasts to carry everything they need without resorting to bulky jackets or fanny packs. Sleek, stretchy and comfy, the FlipBelt has plenty of room to hold large phones, keys, money, credit cards, energy gels or other small snacks.

Fitness gifts are extra-special for many recipients and givers alike. While you can’t always be there to see your friend or family member create a personal best record or achieve a goal that’s been months in the making, your gifts can help along the way.