Holiday Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts
Wellness Dec 13, 2018
Holiday Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts

Trying to figure out what to buy this holiday season for your workout buddy? Your marathon-loving partner? Or your cardio-obsessed BFF? Finding the perfect gift is all about choosing something that fits the gift recipient’s unique interests.

Tap into what each person on your list enjoys doing and your gifts will be appreciated and used rather than re-gifted. Steer clear of items that often elicit very personal preferences and instead focus on gifts almost anyone interested in a particular activity is likely to appreciate. For example, you may not want to buy a runner a pair of socks because they only feel comfortable in a particular brand, but give them a way to display their medals and it’s likely to bring a smile to their faces.

Here are some sure-to-please gift ideas for the fitness enthusiasts on your list:

Massage Gift Certificate

Oh, those aching muscles. What could be sweeter than getting a professional massage after a tough workout – or a tough week at work. Many of the massage chains offer gift certificates for services at introductory prices.

Restorative Bath Products

There’s nothing like taking a soothing soak after a long run or an intense workout. Your giftee can ease aches and soreness with an Epsom salt soak or melt tension away with dead sea bath salts for ultimate relaxation.

Wireless Headphones

No matter what your budget, it’s easy to find a pair of wireless headphones that will deliver hours of music enjoyment with each charge. Most have waterproof coatings so they’ll survive a good sweat sesh or even a run in the rain.

Home Workout Equipment

Does your gift recipient travel a lot? Get them a set of resistance bands they can take on the road with them. Have they been eyeing some equipment that will make it easier to get in some strength training at home? Order a set of kettlebells or dumbbells.

Race Entry

Know someone who has been talking about an upcoming race but just can’t commit the money to enter? Pay for their entry! Better yet, sign up to do the race with them and you’ll not only give the gift of a race entry but a fun-filled experience you can both look forward to.

Medal Holder

Race junkies love to display their hard-earned medals – and what better way to do so that with an inspirational medal holder. There are loads of options to choose from, including styles that hold varying amounts of medals, some that showcase favorite race bibs and those that include motivating quotes.