Healthy Brain, Healthy Body
Wellness Oct 6, 2016
Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

Overall wellness starts with our brains. If our brains aren’t functioning properly, neither will our bodies. If our brains do not get sufficient downtime, we can become stressed, affecting our quality of sleep, in-turn minimizing our brain’s rest, and thus, beginning a vicious cycle. Stress is also one of the world’s biggest killers. It’s linked to obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and a slew of other problem-causing maladies.

Your brain is too important to let it burn out. You may not be able to get away from the high demands of work or study, but you can still give your brain a break in small spurts.

Take a power nap

Many busy people believe naps are completely out of the question for them. They imagine a large chunk of time basically erased from their day. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. A quick, 15 – 20 minute nap can give your brain just enough time to refresh itself. You’ll be sharper, more energetic and less stressed. You don’t even have to be home for this. Take a quick snooze in the car on your break!

Go for a quick massage

The Swedish massage is designed to increase blood flow and relieve stress. Increased circulation means great things for your brain. Your brain will be more oxygenated, allowing it to function better. The massage will also allow your entire body to relax, reducing stress.

Get an outdoor hobby

There’s something incredibly refreshing and relaxing about reaching out to nature. Also, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency which can make them tired, and physical tiredness usually also means a strained brain.

Take up gardening, an adult sport or an evening stroll. These things will allow your brain to shift gears into a less-demanding state. It will also allow your mind to wander, which is a nice change of pace for it from the every day drill.

Eat better

We tend to associate healthy eating with a smaller waistline and better overall physical health. However, a healthy diet, rich in B and C vitamins, quality fats and antioxidants, is good food for your brain. Both B & C vitamins help convert food into ATP, the molecule that gives our cells energy. B vitamins and quality fats are key-players in neurotransmitter transmission. And antioxidants (including vitamin C) destroy free radicals in our bodies that seek to do it damage.

Take a mental health day

Even if you have weekends off, that probably isn’t enough to rejuvenate your brain. Weekends can keep you busy if you are spending those days planning for the following week and catching up on tasks you had to neglect during the prior week. This is still taxing on your brain and your stress levels. That’s why you should take a designated mental health day at least twice a year. Your brain is like a computer, if it runs too long, it stops working properly.

Make that rest day all about your well-being. Imagine that nothing outside of that day exists. Go hiking, hit the gym or take a day trip. This will give your brain a chance to decompress and essentially reset itself.

Remember, a healthy brain and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. While all these things benefit your brain, they also benefit you as a whole person!