Hands Up: An Intro to Boxing
Fitness & Training Jun 21, 2016
Hands Up: An Intro to Boxing

There’s something about taking out your aggression and frustration in a boxing ring that makes your entire day seem smoother. Boxing, however, isn’t just good for relieving stress at the end of a tough day. It’s an amazing cardio workout that will keep you coming back for more.

Benefits of Boxing

A boxing workout has a number of benefits to your health. You don’t have to compete against an opponent to reap the rewards of a boxing workout, including:

  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Greater strength and speed
  • Increased agility

As you explore boxing workouts, you’ll also enjoy the fact that it torches calories: simply working out against a heavy bag can burn between 350 and 550 calories per hour, depending on your intensity. It’s also an amazing core workout that will tone and tighten your abs. You’ll also experience a total-body increase in strength as you use all of your muscles to accomplish your boxing goals.

A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

If you’re terrified by the idea of stepping into the ring, don’t let your fear stop you! Boxing workouts don’t force you to go up against an opponent, although sparring with someone can be a fun option. There are several different facets to training like a boxer. They may include:

Jumping rope isn’t just a childhood pastime. Regular sessions with a jump rope can help increase your coordination and improve your endurance substantially.

Shadow boxing is a critical part of a boxer’s workout. During a shadow boxing session, the boxer will move just like they’re going up against an opponent, but with only their own body to guide them. Some boxers do this in front of a mirror. It’s the perfect way to perfect strikes and practice movements without heavy contact and makes a great warm-up for a longer, more intense session.

Heavy bag workouts are what most people think of when they think of boxing workouts. Against the heavy bag, most boxers will practice a variety of punches while maintaining agile footwork patterns that will allow them to avoid an opponent when they actually set foot into the ring. Against the heavy bag, your calorie burn will ramp up quickly as you use your entire body to attack the canvas or leather target.

Speed bag workouts aren’t focused on power the way heavy bag workouts are. Rather, they focus on speed: hitting the target rapidly in order to increase speed and precision. A good, solid speed bag workout develops rhythm as each precision strike lands in the same place and with approximately the same amount of force.

Boxing Equipment

If you want to take on a boxing workout the right way, there are several pieces of equipment you’ll need:

Boxing gloves or wraps to pad your knuckles and prevent scraped, damaged hands are critical to any boxer. Some boxers choose to use wraps under their gloves for an additional layer of protection.

A heavy bag and speed bag make for a great high-intensity workout that will allow you to make the most of your training time.

If you’re going to be boxing against someone else, you’ll also need to acquire protective gear to keep you safe during the training process: head gear, a mouthpiece, and a protective cup are all recommended for any boxer who plans to step into the ring.

A boxing workout is the perfect way to take your cardio to the next level, burn some stress and tension, and reap incredible athletic benefits. Men and women alike can benefit from the amazing advantages of this exciting sport. Take your workout the extra mile and try out a boxing workout today.