How to Get Your Friend from Couch to Pavement
Fitness & Training Oct 17, 2017
How to Get Your Friend from Couch to Pavement

Are you a runner with a friend who wants to start joining you in your daily jogs? Lucky you! Helping a friend get acclimated to the joys of running can get them off on the right foot and more likely to have them keep at it.

Before your friend starts joining you on your runs, make sure they have consulted a health professional first to ensure they’re in the right physical state to start up a new activity like running.

Don’t Force It

The toughest part about helping a friend get into running is avoiding pushing them too hard in the beginning. Don’t forgot, this can be a strenuous sport and they are not on the same level as you. Enthusiastically embracing their interest is a good way to get them into the sport. However, if you try to get them to run too fast too quickly, you can cause them to get injured. Instead, you need to start walking with them first to increase the stamina and strength.

Your walks should be fairly long to accomplish much training capability. Start with at least a few miles at a brisk pace. As your friend’s stamina increases, boost the length of the walks and the intensity of the walks. In this way, you can get them acclimated to moving every day and get them started on the path to running success.

Get The Right Equipment

After your friend has started enjoying regular walks with you, take them to a sports store and find real running equipment. The only necessary equipment they need is a good pair of running shoes. Other items such as running apparel and fitness gadgets can make running more efficient and comfortable but are not mandatory. The biggest step here is getting a good pair of running shoes.

Good running shoes will help protect a person’s arches from damage while they run. It will also help distribute their weight in a safe and effective way. Depending on how frequently you run, a good pair of running shoes should last at least a few months and make your runs more enjoyable. So help your friend try on a pair and get them out on the track as soon as possible.

Make It A Routine

Getting your friend into running requires making it a routine that they shouldn’t skip or engage in infrequently. Try to get them to run with you before or after work as a way of punctuating the routine. The creation of a routine like this not only makes running easier but makes it more fun. Have your jog something they can look forward to.

Check On Their Progress

By this point, your friend should be able to keep up with you on your morning runs. Giving someone the gift of running is one of the best things you can do as a friend. Encourage them to run outside of your daily pairings to increase their abilities.

Even better, invite them to any running groups that welcome new runners and experienced ones. In this way, you can expand their friendship circle and showcase the fascinating culture of runners. As you know, runners are a very tight-knit group that enjoy spending time with others. By bringing your friend into this group, you expand it and increase their love of running even more.

In the end, that is your main goal. By teaching your friend to love running, you are expanding the joy of this sport to even more people. It is likely to get him to “pay it forward” by helping other friends learn how to run in a safe and healthy manner.