What To Get The Dad On The Move
Wellness Jun 16, 2017
What To Get The Dad On The Move

If your dad’s an active guy or expresses a desire to become more active, broaden your gift-giving horizons this year. With Father’s Day this Sunday, consider these 5 ideas for what to get the active dad in your life.

Gym Membership

A gym membership is an ideal gift for the dad who wants to work out more. Most gyms offer year-long memberships at a discounted price, so you’d save money while dad enjoys the perks of working out. With a variety of equipment and classes, he’s bound to find something he really enjoys. The best part about this gift is that if he really gets into it, it’s something you can renew for him for years to come.

New Gear

Whether dad’s a runner or more into hiking the trails, invest in a new pair of shoes for him. This will be an unexpected treat and if your dad isn’t one to spend a lot on shoes, the pair you gift him will likely be a much appreciated upgrade. Voted editor’s choice by Runner’s World in 2016, the Saucony line of footwear is an excellent option for running shoes. For hiking, Switch Back Travel lists several light-weight and affordable options.

If your dad’s still working out in old sweat suits, get him an upgrade. Most major department stores carry workout clothes for men as do sporting goods stores. If you aren’t sure what size to get, take him shopping with you. The quality time you’ll spend together is an added bonus.

The Gift of Music

Give your dad the gift of music this Father’s Day. Working out and running are both easier with motivational beats. If dad needs a device to store and play music, the sky’s the limit as far as choices go. Consider an iPod if your dad’s stuck with an old MP3 player. If he already has this, get him an iTunes gift card so he can stock up on his favorite tunes.

Fitness Gadgets

In this modern age, there are several different technological gadgets that the active dad would certainly appreciate. There are devices that track activity, pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, and body fat percentage. Others help to pace eating and reduce the portion size of meals.

The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet is the perfect gift for your dad if he wants to keep track of his workouts. It even works with his iPhone where he can see the details of everything from what exercises he’s been doing and how they are affecting his body. If your dad’s health conscious and wants to get the most out of his workouts, this gadget would make an impressive gift.

Race Commitments

If your dad loves running but is wary of the entry fees, consider forking over the money to cover the cost for him. For many people, this is the one factor that holds them back. If you can swing it, sign him up for as many as possible. The 2017 Marathon Calendar lists several options. For example, if you want to travel to Toronto during the peak of fall colors, sign dad up for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Or, if you’re a runner yourself, sign up with him for a memorable moment you can enjoy together.

As Father’s Day approaches this year, let your dad know just how important he is to you with the right gift. Forget about the greeting cards and ties; get your dad the kind of gift that shows you really care.