Gear And Apparel For The Golfer In Your Life
Fitness & Training Apr 7, 2017
Gear And Apparel For The Golfer In Your Life

Are you a golfer or is there a lover of the sport in your life? If so, you’re far from alone. As of 2013, approximately 25.3 million people in the US participated in the sport. Golf has a way of getting into the blood, and more often than not, becoming a passion among those who take up the sport.

That fact has resulted in golf enthusiasts spending more than $68 billion annually on golf clubs, apparel, and accessories designed to make them perform better on the course. Here’s a list of some of the best golfing related gifts to up your game.

The Best New Golf Apparel

G/Fore’s Collection golf glove comes in 19 colors for whatever mood you’re in. These gloves are made from premium leather and confirms to US Golf Association rules.

Every golfer needs a great pair of golf shoes like this classic white pair called the Double Kiltie Gallavanter. Made for an althetic fit with an ultra light sole, these shoes are also waterproof, washable customizable.

ECCO’s women’s golf shoes are light, comfy, and have outstanding grip to boot.

The Best New Gadgets and Gear

The Ice Block Putter, introduced at the 2017 PGA Show, is named for its putter head, which is oblong and transparent (like a block of ice). What makes this a standout item is the fact that the putter can literally stand on its own so that a golfer can back away and read their putt with the putter in clear view! According to the designer, Daniel F. à Wengen, you simply step back, look through the putter head and then adjust the face angle toward exactly where you want your putt to end up.

The SetupEye is a new invention designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their alignment. It’s a two-step process that starts with looking through the scope to line up your target (a tree, flag, etc.). Then by placing the gadget on the ground at the center of your stance, it proceeds to rotate and shoot a narrow beam of light vertically through the ball to line up your club face. After a few seconds, it spins again and fires another “laser beam” to line up your stance.

The SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer and App is designed to help perfect your swing. The device is a Bluetooth-enabled, motion-sensing device that clips onto a golf club shaft. It comes with free mobile apps (for either iOS or Android devices) that capture, record and analyze your swing and then displays a 3-D animation and video recording of your swing as well as key impact metrics and instructor-style analysis. It even includes fitting shims to adapt to smaller shafts. It’s like having an instructor at your fingertips!

Get yourself or the golfer in your life any one of these great pieces of clothing or gear to improve your game!