Fun in the Sun
ExercisesWellness Jul 22, 2016
Fun in the Sun

When most of us think of going to beach, images of lying in the sun, reading a good book, or just working on your tan come to mind. And while these activities are certainly great for relieving some stress and relaxing, they are not ideal for your physical health. As you plan your beach vacations for this summer, include some activities that will get you moving while you are there. Below are some of the best activities you can do on the beach that will help you stay healthy, and have fun at the same time.

Go for a run

If you enjoy a good run, then the beach is an excellent place to do it. Running on the sand works out different muscles in your legs. Not only is it a great workout but you get to enjoy the breeze and listen to the ocean while you run.

Beach volleyball

Volleyball is a game that is perfect for the beach. Playing on the sand allows you to dive around relatively risk free compared to a gym floor, and after you have worked up a sweat, you can jump in the ocean. You only need a few people to get a game going, and by inviting other beach goers to round out the teams, you can even make some new friends along the way.

Go for a swim

Once you have spent time in the sun heating up, going for a swim is the best way to cool down. On top of that, swimming is one of the best workouts you can give yourself. Before diving in, be sure that swimming is currently permitted in that area, and that you don’t go out too far alone. Your primary concern is safety, so follow all of the posted rules, and don’t go in if the water looks too rough.

Throw a frisbee

Tossing around a frisbee is another great way to move around on the beach. Frisbees are lightweight, making them easy to carry, and you don’t need much room to toss one around. Everyone can get involved, and if you have enough people you can even get a game of ultimate frisbee started.

Take a walk

Lastly, a simple walk is a great way to enjoy the beach and stay active. A nice stroll down the beach will make it so you are not simply lying around all afternoon, you can check out all of the different activities going on throughout the beach, and you can collect seashells along the way.

There are plenty of things that you can do to stay active while at the beach. Remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and re-apply, especially if you plan on working up a sweat. It is also a good idea to wear either sunglasses or a hat, so that you protect your eyes from the sun as well.