Four Ways to Boost Your Work Output
Wellness Dec 8, 2015
Four Ways to Boost Your Work Output

Most people would love to increase their work output without stretching themselves beyond their physical and mental limits. Fortunately, you have more options for boosting your workplace productivity than you may realize.


Getting in shape through regular exercise could help you get more done at work in less time. The Harvard Business Review reports that an exercise routine can sharpen your concentration and memory, boost your mental stamina, and help you learn faster, while simultaneously reducing your stress levels for increased productivity.

Timed Work Sessions

Interrupting your work at regular intervals can actually boost your overall work output. The Pomodoro Technique is a popular method for timing work sessions. You simply set an alarm to go off after 25 minutes of hard, focused work so you can take a five-minute break, with one slightly longer break each hour. These little rest periods can help you keep going longer while maintaining a higher degree of work quality and mental focus.

Smarter Scheduling

Smarter use of your time can yield big dividends in what you can produce. Assigning a “theme” to each day, color-coding your calendar by category so you can see exactly how much time you’re spending on each type of task, and using plane flights to rest and recharge are a few tips to that can help you schedule your time to the achieve maximum productivity.

Biphasic Sleep

If you’re not getting enough done at work, you may not be sleeping correctly —but that doesn’t mean you need eight uninterrupted hours. The brain experiences multiple 90-minute sleep cycles. A simple biphasic sleep schedule, in which you sleep six hours at night and then take a nap during the day, could enable you to work later into the night, start your workday earlier, and nap during your lowest-energy time of day.

Try these tips out for your yourself to see which ones make the most sense for your needs. A little experimentation should set you on the path toward greater productivity.